Dragonboat Corporate Regatta Saturday 24th May 2014

The Waka’s Annual Corprate Regatta supported this year by the Lord Mayor’s Suburban Initiative Fund & Hamilton Ward was held at Northshore Riverside Park Hamilton on Saturday 24th May.

Well done to all of our entered teams, Paddle Pops, Imagine Dragons, Nudibranches 2, The Ninjas, The Fobs, 321 Nek Minit, Waka Toa, The Loafers, Stealth, Zero 200m Heroes, Cliffhangers, Dirty Oars, Otha Fullas and contratulations to Otha Fullas as winners of the day!

Here’s a snapshot of the day’s fun:


       Corporate Regatta_2014 Group Photo

Corporate Regatta_2014 106 Corporate Regatta_2014 135 Corporate Regatta_2014 137 Corporate Regatta_2014 265

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